10 gal BIABasKit

10 gal BIABasKit
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10 gal BIABasKitPeanut butter and jelly. Beer and hot dogs. Milk and cookies. Sometimes the best inventions come about by taking two good things and putting them together. AiH is proud to introduce the 10 gal BIABasKit featuring a 10 gallon brew kettle with lid and a customized 300 micron mesh basket that fits into the pot to allow for brew in a bag style brewing.Features of the basket include:* feet allowing for clearance from the bottom of the pot to prevent scorching* a C shaped rod to hook tabs on the basket to allow the basket and grains to drain*100% stainless steel construction*easy to clean design*hand fabrication right here in the USAWe know what you are thinking. Why would I pay this much for a basket when I can by a bag for the fraction of the price? We asked ourselves that very question and answered ourselves with the following:*bags wear over time because they aren't made with stainless steel*the best bag on the market can't handle weight as well as this basket* the brew in the basket is made of the same material as our hop filters and dry hopping tube: after discarding your spent grains, rinse it out and throw it back into the boil and use as a hop filter that you can remove add end of boil* spent grain is pretty heavy, many bags require lots of elbow grease or pulleys and winches. the tabs on the sides of the brew basket allow the basket to drain with ease.After answering our questions we were pretty hungry. We ate a pb and j sandwich, had a beer and hot dog and washed it down with some milk and cookies. These items are not included.


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