3/16" ID AntiMicrobial Draft Line

3/16" ID AntiMicrobial Draft Line
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For the first time ever, you can protect the quality of your beer with zero extra effort. Introducing the first antimicrobial, PVC-free beverage tubing. State-of-the-art silver-barrier draft lines promise peace of mindand markedly better beer. Trust that your draught lines are biofilm-free with proven protection. Ultra Barrier Silver Antimicrobial Tubing has been tested across the globe, from Weihenstaphen University in Germany to New Belgium Brewery in Colorado. Prevention of microbe growth ensures sanitary draft lines for up to 2000 pints. Plus, with PVC-free tubing youll never have plastic off-flavors.Narrower inner diameter increases flow resistance and reduces foaming at high dispensing pressures or in shorter serving lines.Flow Resistance is 3 psi/foot.We recommend the use of 3/16 Barbed Swivel Nuts (K123) for easy threaded connections to MFL draft equipment such as a CO2Regulator,gas distributormanifolds, and Soda Keg Disconnects.Sold in pre-cut lengths: 3, 10, 20, or 30 feet


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