5 Gallon Cornelius Keg (Ball Lock) Used no PRV

5 Gallon Cornelius Keg (Ball Lock) Used no PRV
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The backbone of any homebrewer's tap system; our used Cornelius Kegs are an incredible value despite some use.Using a Cornelius Keg is as simple as siphoning your beer into the keg from the fermentor, attaching your CO2 tank/regulator hook-up, purging the keg of any oxygen, and then allowing it to carbonate! In addition to this keg you'll need a CO2 tank, regulator, beverage/gas line, and the proper disconnects. These kegs are sourced from a variety of vendors and have been used previously for serving Soda and juices. Despite our efforts there may be some residual soda/juice smell upon receipt so as always we recommend fully cleaning and sanitizing your keg prior to adding your brew. In addition there may be some dents, scratches, stickers, and other miscellaneous cosmetic defects. These defects will not affect your brew at all but may require some work to get clean.These kegs are pressure tested but otherwise sold as-is. We recommend purchasing a Ball Lock O-Ring Set (KEG016A) to ensure proper seals. We offer two additional services for you when purchasing used kegs. The first option is that we will paint our beautiful stalk logo (see picture) on your keg for free. The second service is that we will hand wash and clean your keg and replace all of the O-Rings for you for a small fee.


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