Altbier - Beer Recipe Kit

Altbier - Beer Recipe Kit
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Our Northern German Altbier is an incredibly clean, easy drinking, and balanced beer. Deep brown in color the love2brew Alt has rich notes of biscuit, some slight toast, and hints of caramel flavor that blend together and linger on the tongue after each sip. Hop flavor is non-existent in this beer since youll be using a high Alpha hop chosen for the ability to balance the potential sweetness from the malt blend. This brew works best with the liquid Altbier yeast and fermented a little cooler than typical ales to help provide the light body and drinkability that will leave you yearning for another pint!


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All Grain Kit More Beer $29.99 $0.00 $29.99
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Extract Kit Love 2 Brew $32.75 $0.00 $32.75
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Extract Kit More Beer $36.99 $0.00 $36.99
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