American Imperial IPA - Beer Recipe Kit

American Imperial IPA - Beer Recipe Kit
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The love2brew American Imperial IPA is a beautifully balanced blend of hoppy bitterness and malty sweetness. Amber in color with a floral, citrus, hoppy aroma this IPA is sure to be a staple in your household brew selection. With this kit youll add a solid 3.5 oz. of Centennial hops and follow it up with 2 oz. of Cascade used for a hop burst at flameout and for dry hopping during the secondary fermentation to improve Aroma. This strong imperial brew is sure to be a favorite among you and your friends. Note: For hops additions we recommend blending the 2.5 oz. of Centennial and 1 oz. of Cascade and adding them 5 minute intervals of equal proportion from 30 minutes on until flameout. See Additional Information tab.


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