Apricot Peach Melomel Mead

Apricot Peach Melomel Mead
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Melomel is a mead fermented or flavored with fruit. This Melomel features 15 lbs of honey, 3 lbs of Apricot puree and 3 lbs of Peach Puree to produce a golden hued fruit infused concoction that will have your friends inviting you back for more. We chose our BA-11 dry yeast strain as it is known in white wine making to bring out Apricot and Peach aroma's. Yeast is not included in this kit. Dry Yeast Recommendation: BA11: Apricot and peach esters with good mouthfeel DV10: Strong and clean, stays true to original honey's flavours and aromas. 71B-1122: Softens high acidity (metabolizes up to 30% malic acid), strong ester / fruit profile Includes our simple, step-by-step two page instructions, which are all you will need to make up this kit. However, for those who want to dig a bit deeper into mead making check out our 10 page Guide to Mead Making


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