Basic Two Cornelius Keg System - 5 Gallon (Ball Lock) NEW

Basic Two Cornelius Keg System - 5 Gallon (Ball Lock) NEW
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Kegging is hands down the best way to serve and hold your homebrewed beer. The love2brew Keg System includes everything you will need to hold a 5 gallon batch of your favorite brew in a single vessel. Kegging your homebrew avoids having to waste the time and effort that goes into bottling your homebrew. Force carbonation will allow you to enjoy your brew quicker without the risk of messy over carbonated bottles. Our kegs are designed to fit in your spare refrigerator and/or chest freezer. Kegging is as simple as sanitizing your cleaned keg, siphoning your beer from your fermentor directly into it, sealing it up, and turning on the CO2!Includes two brand new made in the USA Ball Lock Cornelius kegs, Dual Guage CO2 Regulator, two plastic dispensing faucets (picnic taps), and two complete sets of both gas and beverage lines including all necessary fittings and disconnects.Please note that these kegs do not have removable poppets and must be cleaned in place. CO2 Cylinder is not included.


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