Berliner Weisse - Beer Recipe Kit

Berliner Weisse - Beer Recipe Kit
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The Berliner Weisse is a tart, sour, and slightly fruity brew that is incredibly refreshing brew year around but is most popular during the summer months. Relatively low in ABV Berliner Weisses are meant to be enjoyed by a wide range of beer drinkers. In Germany they are often served with a shot of Raspberry or Woodruff flavored syrup. The body is light and refreshing, the color resembles a very pale straw, and the taste of our Berliner Weisse may be compared to a delicious glass of lemonade. An excellent brew if youre looking to experiment with sour brews. This brew also comes with two yeasts. It comes with your choice of base yeast and additionally includes a vial of Lactobacillus. There are two possible pitching options depending on your desired outcomes: 1. Pitch the ale yeast first. Allow fermentation to go on for seven days and then pitch the Lactobacillus. This will provide a tart brew that will be less sour than method #2. 2. Pitch the Lactobacillus first. This allows acid production to flourish before the yeast eat up the majority of the sugars. This will produce a more sour Berliner Weisse. Pitch the ale yeast after seven days of primary fermentation Please note that special precautions must be taken when brewing with Lactobacillus. Please see our love2learn section for more details.


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