BIAB Brew-In-A-Bag All Grain Starter Kit

BIAB Brew-In-A-Bag All Grain Starter Kit
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The Brew-In-A-Bag Starter Kit is the ultimate gateway into exploring advanced brewing methods.The first BIAB brewing system built with exactly what you need to achieve all-grain results with extract simplicity. Whether youre looking for a shorter, simpler all-grain brew day or an extract brewer seeking marked improvement in the quality of your beer without complicating your process, BIAB is the epitome of a happy medium. Brew-In-A-Bag is a brewing method that combines all the steps of all-grain brewing into one vessel, allowing you to fine tune the flavor profile of each batch for maximum quality while simplifying the all-grain process to minimize time, space and effort. Hit the ground running in the world of all-grain brewing and step up your game without stepping up your equipment.


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