Blichmann Products TopTier - Base Stand

Blichmann Products TopTier - Base Stand
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The Blichmann TopTier Base Stand is the most universal brewing stand on the market. Not only can you add or remove different shelves, burners, pump brackets and chiller brackets - you can adjust where they're positioned on the base stand. If you want to start with gravity, but eventually get a pump and wish to move your mash tun below your boil kettle, no problem! Can also adapt the Tower of Power to turn your basic stand into a practically automated brewing machine! *NOTE* This is only the stand, and will not include kettles, burners, shelves, pump brackets and wort chiller brackets. Please select these accessories below, or call or email our customer service department for assistance with your order at 1.800.600.0033 or The TopTier Modular Brewing Stand is highly engineered and designed to safely hold a maximum of three tiers (up to 30 gal pots per tier). For safety and liability reasons, we do not recommend installing additional tiers and we do not sell additional mounting arms for this reason. However, we do offer a 10" X 10" utility shelf (50 lbs. max), pump brackets, and chiller brackets to allow you to customize your stand.


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