Braveheart - Wee Heavy (Strong Scotch Ale) - Beer Recipe Kit

Braveheart - Wee Heavy (Strong Scotch Ale) - Beer Recipe Kit
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Every man dies, but not every man lives; not until hes experienced a true Wee Heavy at least! Our Wee Heavy (Strong Scotch Ale) is not for the faint of heart so tread carefully. Wee Heavies are a rich brown brew that boosts an incredibly complex malt taste, a minuscule hop profile, and a sweet dessert-like taste. The Braveheart is pushed to the limits going over the traditional style guides for ABV and requiring a long aging process. Best served in small doses and enjoyed slowly. Brew this, share it, and let your loved ones know the true definition of beer FRRRREEEEEEEDDDDDDDOOOOOOMMMMMMM!A few additional notes about this brew:A yeast starter is highly recommended with this brew; if you pitch your dry/liquid yeast directly you will not achieve the desired results. We recommend using the WLP028 option for best results. If you are not interested in making an addition yeast start you should purchase an additional 1-2 packets/vials of Safale S-04, Nottingham Ale Yeast, or Edinburgh Ale Liquid Yeast (WLP028). Patience is a virtue. The alcohol level is intentionally high and really mellows out over time into a beautifully complex taste.


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