Camp Chef Burner (60,000 BTU)

Camp Chef Burner (60,000 BTU)
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To avoid taking over the kitchen and keep everyone in your household happy, you might want to consider moving your ever-expanding home brew system outside or into the garage. The Camp Chef 60,000 BTU Burner is the perfect way for you to take your boiling wort off of the kitchen stove and into the yard or garage, but it still creates a rock solid base that you can really rely on. Its sturdy construction even makes it so that you can boil up to 20 gallons of wort without worrying about it collapsing! The elevated height of the Camp Chef propane camp burner is designed to help you drain your wort into a carboy or bucket underneath, with the leg extenders pushing the burner up to 22 inches off the ground. An included high-pressure regulator enables you to control the flame with precision, and the versatile burner top works perfectly with any MoreBeer! kettle. Features Included leg extensions raise burner to a height of 22", easily allowing for gravity-fed transfer of liquid from kettle to fermenter. Sturdy design works perfectly with any of our kettles or a converted keg. An included high-pressure regulator allows for great flame control. Turn it all the way up to heat water fast and then turn it down to maintain a rolling boil. This is a key feature of this burner. You will need to supply a barbecue style propane tank. Burner has 60K btu rating. Top Grill area is approximately 1.5' x 1.5' Now Includes a 6" stainless handheld Thermometer! For outdoor use only


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