Coffee Roasting Starter Kit D (Nesco)

Coffee Roasting Starter Kit D (Nesco)
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The Coffee Starter Kit D features the Nesco Coffee Roaster, popular for its easy-to-use interface and smoke elimination technology. Capable of roasting around 5 oz. of beans per roast, you get enough coffee to last you several days and the rotating metal auger in the glass roasting chamber ensures an even roast every time. The Z&D roaster has a smoke conversion system buit into it, which filters out smoke produced at later stages of a dark roast - leaving only fresh coffee aroma in it's place (and what an incredible smell it is!). The Z&D does take a little longer to roast than the i-Roast, and doesn't provide the same degree of control over the roast profile; but it's simple interface and straight forward operation, in conjunction with smokeless roasts easily make up for this. The Zach & Dani's roaster makes an excellent gift for anyone who really loves coffee. This kit also includes a stylish Bodum 8-cup French Press - a truly gourmet method of brewing specialty coffee. Also included is "Home Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival" - an excellently written, incredibly informative, and authoritative book written by Kenneth Davids (a big name in the coffee industry). In conjunction with our quick tutorial on coffee roasting, included with the starter kit, you will be roasting like a pro in no time! You get more than you pay for When purchasing a Coffee Starter Kit from us, keep in mind that you purchase more than a book and some equipment. Along with every one of our products we provide a wealth of knowledge and advice. Coffee tasting and roasting notes, product reviews, tutorials, experiment summaries, and phone or email customer support (advice, recommendations, assistance, and the like) are services that we provide at no extra charge. We are serious about quality coffee and products as well as excellent customer service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Starter Kit D Includes: - Nesco Coffee Roaster - 8-cup Brazil French Press - Book - Home Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival - MoreCoffee! Home Roasting Tutorial - Three pounds of quality green coffee beans! Still unsure as to which roaster to start off with? Check out our "Which roaster is for you?" tutorial!


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