Diguo Siphon Coffee Maker - Red

Diguo Siphon Coffee Maker - Red
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An amazing way to extract the very best your coffee has to offer. Flavors will be pronounced and come through clean, and sediment will be nonexistent in this style of brewing! Vacuum Brewing gives all the extraction and flavor of a French Press without the chewy texture. This is called a Siphon or Vacuum Brewer because of the physics involved in the brew process. Water is boiled in the lower chamber and is forced into the upper chamber via vapor pressure. After the coffee has had time to extract (less than a minute!), heat is turned off, and the system begins to cool down. As the lower chamber cools, it forms a vacuum, pulling your coffee through the filter and back into the serving chamber! Vacuum Brewers have been used for quite some time, however an easy-to-use Electric Vacuum Brewer at under $100 is something new! The ease of use of this unit, combined with the flavor of the brewed coffee, will guarantee that this will be your new favorite coffee maker! Features: 3 Cup (12 oz) Vacuum Coffee Maker Electric Base with adjustable heat control Makes coffee in less than 5 minutes All the advantages of vacuum brewing, with the ease and simplicity of an electric unit! No dangerous open flames like most vacuum brewers Small unit, big flavor! Can be used to make tea as well! Runs on 110v power Red Color PASSED ISO9001 / 3C Certificated / FCC-UL / CE / GS Capacity: 360ml Size:40 X 32 X 13.5cm Materials: Refractory borosilicate glass


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