Draft Beer Tower - Single Faucet

Draft Beer Tower - Single Faucet
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Our draft towers are unique because you can customize them exactly to fit your individual needs. Keep the beer tower standard or add in higher quality/specialized faucets to complete your home brewery! Our draft tower measures 12" high and is insulated with styrofoam in the tower to prevent sweating and to help keep your beer cold. Includes:- Stainless steel draft tower- Beer Faucet (Choose from 8 different options)- Tower Shank (Choose from 2 different options)- Stainless steel tail piece- Choice of: Barbed Swivel Nut (Cornelius Kegs) / Hex Nut & Neoprene Washer (Sankey Kegs)- Tap Handle - 5 ft. of 3/16" Beverage TubingTowers may be configured for either homebrew (cornelius) kegs or commercial sankey kegs. Selecting "NONE" will give you a line of beverage tubing with nothing attached, perfect for BARBED cornelius keg disconnects.Our custom towers are an industry first, design your own tower with the perfect faucets and shanks for your system! Items will be ship disassembled but will include assembly instructions.


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