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Lucky enough to try the AIH Zombie KillerClone at NHC?Feeling possessed?? Try an Exorcyser!This Cherry Cyser is packed full of flavor. Michigan Cherry tartness, blended perfectly with sweet Apple Cider and Wildflower Honey.At 6% and deceptively easy to drink this may be your cure for everything.This recipe is intended for kegging only. We do not recommend trying to naturally carbonate.Unfortunately there is no good way to make Exorcyser and bottle condition. The residualsugars from back-sweetening will create bottle bombs. May be good for someone possessed by a mysterious entity, but not good for us.Please disregard the instructions on/or in the cider package as this is a recipe for the antidote. There is no need to use those instructions. We will provide you with your own set of instructions, when you order the kit.This 5 Gallon Kit includes, Cider Kit, Wildflower Honey, Michigan Tart Cherry Concentrate, Yeast and Additives.Commercial Example: B Nekter Zombie Killer


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