Fermenters Favorites Essential All-Grain Brewing Starter Kit - 10 Gallon

Fermenters Favorites Essential All-Grain Brewing Starter Kit - 10 Gallon
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The new and improved essential all-grain brewing system is the most affordable introduction to all-grain brewing, loaded with brewing power at an unbelievable price. With more brewing spacethan any other cooler system on the market, the Fermenters Favorites 10 gallon cooler has a full capacity of 11.7 gallons!Imperial brews, huge grain bills, and the flexibilty to add water for temperature adjustment are all easier than ever with an enlarged mash tun. Upgraded to ensure a tight seal, our insulated Fermenters Favorites Hot Liquor Tank and Mash/Lauter Tun coolers feature silicone-reinforced valve ports for a leak-free brew day. Quick and simple to assemble, the brass ball valves offer superior flow control, minimizing the risk of clogging or stuck sparges. Keep grain particles out of your wort. The newly redesigned smooth-edge universal false bottom promotes clear wort while setting up a solid grain bed. You'll have high mash yields and eliminate scratched cooler walls to keep your system pristine. Please note: This item does not qualify for flat rate shipping.


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