Honey Ale - Gluten Free - Beer Recipe Kit

Honey Ale - Gluten Free - Beer Recipe Kit
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This ale recipe features the use of clover honey, dried rice extract and sorghum. Try adding some dark candi syrup to give it some color. Gluten free beers are a different world when it comes to finding a suitable replacement for the base extract. Celiacs are alleric to the hordein protein found in the base malts such as 2-Row and Pilsner malt. They are also allergic to the gliadin protein found in wheat which is the biggest offender of the two proteins.As a homebrewer your goal is to find a suitable fermentable that can emulate the maltiness in beer. Our Gluten recipes use Sorghum extract for the base fermentables.Hops aggressively cut through the maltiness from sorghum easily.Hop additions in gluten free beers tend to be 40-50% less than normal. All our gluten kits include dry yeast due to the small traces of the gliadin protein found in liquid yeast.(Although lab research has found the yeast metabolize the gliadin protein after fermentation and significantly reduce the ppm present.) Click here for ourlab resultsand learn more about brewing low gluten beer using White Labs liquid yeast.


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