Imperial Organic Yeast - L05 Cablecar

Imperial Organic Yeast - L05 Cablecar
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Cablecar for Imperial Organic Yeast is THE strain for making a California Common! It ferment crisp and clean even up to 65F, producing beers that are very lager-like. Of course, it can also ferment cool, down to 55F. It flocculates well, producing beers that are very clear with little effort. California Common is the style that this strain is most often used on. However, it can also create wonderful pseudo-lagers for those without precise temperatures control. Temperature Range: 55-65 F Flocculation: Medium-High Cell Count: 200 Billion Attenuation: 71-75% Typical Styles: Baltic Porter, California Common Beer, Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer, Cream Ale, Other Smoked Beer, Premium American Lager, light lagers of all kinds, Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer.


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