Imperial Stout - Beer Recipe Kit

Imperial Stout - Beer Recipe Kit
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Rich, full bodied, complex and incredibly smooth are just some of the adjectives used to describe our Imperial Stout. It all starts with a roasted coffee like aroma that stems from the dark black stout that stares back at you. When you take your first sip youll enjoy a malty sweetness that can be instantly recognized but hard to identify;we'veheard barrel aged notes, chocolate, and caramel overtones. The taste then blends into a rich raisin stemming from the Caramel malts. At 9.4% ABV our Imperial Stout is something you take your time to sit back, relax, and enjoy. Due to the ABV this brew needs some time but its worth every second.NOTE: A yeast starter is highlyrecommended for this brew! If you'd like a less time consuming method just purchase aseparatepackage of Safale US-05 (DY009).


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