Lallzyme EX-V

Lallzyme EX-V
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Lallzyme EX-V is an enzyme designed for use on premium red wines that are destined for long aging. Premium reds will benefit from the use of this enzyme tremendously, as it will result in a more structured wine, with deep, stable color. Lallzyme EX-V is a pectinase with cellulase and hemicellulase side activities for red wines intended for aging. it has a specific action on both grape cell walls and cell membranes. This action allows for a complete and rapid release of anthocyanins and a more efficient release of tannins, leading to stable anthocyanin-tannin bonding. The end result of this bonding is a more structured wine, with a deep stable color that will last throughout its years of aging. Aromatic profile analysis indicates that Lallzyme EX-V increases the release of aromatic compounds while respecting the varietal characteristics of the grape. Use .075 g/ gal must. Store at room temperature, close to 25 C (77 F). Once rehydrated use within a few hours.


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