March Pump Assembly

March Pump Assembly
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This is the same High-Flow March Pump assembly we use on our BrewSculptures, complete with fittings. Threading stainless steel onto plastic can be somewhat tricky, so we send this unit out completely assembled for you! We mount a stainless tee and ball valve setup on the inlet. The ball valve will remain closed during standard use, however it can be extremely handy if the lines need to be primed to release an air pocket. Air pockets in your line can cause cavitation. If cavitation does occur (rare with the new high-flow version, but still possible), you can simply open the inlet priming valve, let the air escape, and close it again. Note: This pump should not and can not be run dry! This configuration, in use now on our BrewSculptures for over two years, has all but eliminated any problems. Read more details and specifications for the H315HF High-Flow Pump here. Note: When using silicone tubing, we recommending using a slighlty larger barb than the I.D. of the tubing. This is because silicone tubing tends to have greater pliability than most tubing. For example, when using 1/2" silicone tubing, we recommend our 5/8" barb (H620), to help insure a better seal!


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