MegaPot 1.2 Brew Kettle (8 Gallon)

MegaPot 1.2 Brew Kettle (8 Gallon)
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The 8-gallon MegaPot 1.2 is ideal for performing a full wort boil on any 5 gallon batch. A full boil helps to improve hop utilization and avoid caramelizing the malt extract. This homebrew kettle is a great upgrade for any extract brewer, but will work for 5 gallon All-Grain boils as well. While it can work as an All-Grain mash tun using the Universal False Bottom, the smaller size will limit your grain bill to lower gravity beers.Ideal for: boiling no more than 5-6 gallons of wort. Smaller partial mash or Brew-In-A-Bag systems.MegaPot 1.2 is a stainless steel masterpiece, not just another stainless steel stock pot. Every detail has been thought through to enhance the homebrewing experience. The heart of the kettle is a 4mm thick Tri-Clad bottom- made specifically for even heat distribution. Graduated volume markings inside the kettle allow for easy volume measurements during the boil. The 1.2 proportion of MegaPot has been scientifically designed to promote a vigorous boil and reduce off-flavors making it the ultimate home brew kettle.You may also need: The 11.5" Universal False BottomAvailable with weldless ball-valve or ball-valve and thermometer.Configure options below.


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