MegaPot 1.2 Pro All-Grain Brewing System

MegaPot 1.2 Pro All-Grain Brewing System
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The ultimate all-grain system for the aspiring pro brewer. Every component is commercial quality. Modeled from pilot batch systems used in some of our favorite homegrown craft breweries, the Megapot 1.2 Pro System is designed for best-of-the-best expert homebrewers. Master homebrewing with best-in-class technology. Every detail of MegaPot 1.2 ensures your beer is brewed the way you intend it to be: even-heating, plenty of head space, internal volume markings, built-in thermometer and ball valve, and a ratio scientifically ideal for eliminating wort loss to boil-off. Its built for perfecting the most challenging aspects of brewing, from decoction mashing to flow rates, efficiency, extraction and beer recipe experimentation. Make your own recipes and then make them better than you ever dreamt possible.


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10 Gallon Amazon Amazon Prime $529.99 $26.80 $556.79
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