Monks Abroad - English Dubbel - Beer Recipe Kit

Monks Abroad - English Dubbel - Beer Recipe Kit
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Prepare yourself for a journey unlike any other youve had while you enjoy this brew. Monks Abroad is a mash-up of two distinct styles of brews (traditional English Ale and a Belgian Dubbel) that create an incredibly unique and style breaking beer. We use Aromatic and Special B malts to stay within tradition for Belgian Beers in addition creating a deep rich brown color that retains clarity very well. After testing multiple additions we decided to go with two hops that distinctly showcased an American take on English Hops (Willamette and U.S. Goldings). We round out our boil by adding an entire pound of Dark Candi Sugar to really compliment the Belgian Malts and bring out the true Dubbel flavor. Finally English yeast takes this beer to the next level by focusing on the malts an adding some residual sweetness to compliment the Belgian half of this brew. This brew is far from traditional which is why we think you're going to love having it in your brew collection.


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