Nesco Coffee Roaster

Nesco Coffee Roaster
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The Nesco home coffee roaster is an excellent choice for those wishing to achieve "coffee house" quality roasts in the comfort of their own home. In addition to being our quietest roaster and producing consistently even results, this handsome unit features a catalytic conversion system, which virtually eliminates all smoke produced during the process. With its attractively modern and compact design, this unit is perfect for that free spot on the kitchen counter-top! Features & Benefits: Roast 5.5 oz at a time 15-30 minute roast time Virtually no smoke from the roast Very easy to control roast level via the control panel Consistently even roasts Automated roasting, cooling, and chaff removal Aluminum base, tempered glass roasting chamber, and a zinc auger. 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty 110 volts Easy to use, this roaster makes an excellent gift! Notes from Casey "The Coffee Guy": You have probably taken a look at all the different roasters we offer and your brain is spinning looking at all the features and options. I'll make it simple on you. The Nesco roaster is a nice little unit. It takes a little more space on the counter and takes a little longer to roast (about 20-30 minutes as opposed to the i-Roast's 10-20 or the Freshroast's 10-15), but it doesn't produce any smoke. It's a bit quieter too. I recommend this if you are getting it as a gift for someone who has never roasted before, or if you like the idea of having no smoke in the roast - just wonderful roasted coffee aroma in the air. One downside is that a little chaff (a fine paper-like skin that comes off the bean as it roasts) is left in the roasted beans. You can get it out by walking outside and blowing into the roasting chamber after a roast. The chaff comes right out.


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