Oak Smoked Barleywine - Beer Recipe Kit

Oak Smoked Barleywine - Beer Recipe Kit
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Rich, strong, and complex; Barleywines are the strongest style of English Ales. Dark Amber in color this full bodied beer can often be described as chewy and can have a slight warmth associated with it due to the high ABV. Our Barleywine combines showcases flavors such as bready, biscuit notes with strong toffee and a slight molasses hint. The addition of Oak Smoked Wheat adds a unique but complex layer of smoke flavor that blends well with this hearty brew. This brew is made for aging and can change in flavor significantly over time! Note: A yeast starter is highly recommend for this brew! If you'd like a less time consuming method just purchase a separate package of Safale S-04 (DY008) or an extra White Labs English Ale Yeast (WLP002).


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