Personal Home Brewery Kit #1 - Standard

Personal Home Brewery Kit #1 - Standard
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If youve always dreamed of making your very own beer in the comfort of your own home, MoreBeer! has the starter kit for you. Our simple and affordable Personal Home Brewery Kit #1 Standard will make two full cases of delicious, home-brewed beer, and it wont break the bank in the process. If youve never brewed before and you want to get a feel for the process, this is the kit to use. The Personal Home Brewery Kit #1 Standard contains everything that youll need to start brewing, other than a kettle and the bottles. You can use a large kitchen kettle and then recycle bottles from commercial beer to fill these voids. It does come with the fermenter, bottling bucket, vinyl tubing, a thermometer, a hydrometer and a number of other essentials for creating a tasty home brew. By following the straightforward instructions in the included home beer-making book, youll be on your way to becoming an expert brewer in no time! Our Basic Kit includes the following: Bottle of Star San Sanitizer (4oz) 3/8 Plastic Bottle Filler Bag of Bottle Caps (1/4lb) Bottle Capper Reusable Mesh Steeping or Hop Bags Home Beermaking Book Bottle Brush Plastic Bucket Fermenter with Spigot Plastic Bottling/Sanitation Bucket with Spigot Bucket Lid with Hole Airlock Rubber Stopper with Hole (Fits Bucket Lid) Hydrometer Hydrometer Jar 5ft Vinyl Transfer Tubing 5 inch long dial thermometer Check out our "YOU MIGHT ALSO NEED" section below for helpful additional upgrades to better server you in the brewing process!


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