Sediment Filter (10") - Spun Poly 3 Micron

Sediment Filter (10") - Spun Poly 3 Micron
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Our spun-polypropylene filters are designed to use with one of our Beer and Wine Filtering Kits. Spun-polypropylene filters are disposable filters and cannot be effectively cleaned for reuse. However, you can filter multiple kegs with one filter cartridge. Most customers report being able to filter 10-15 gallons of product, however you should be aware that your results will vary depending on the cloudiness of your beer or wine. 5-10 micron is considered rough filtration, 3 micron will remove most yeast, 1 micron filtration will remove almost all yeast, and .45 micron is nearing sterile filtration. All filters are rated nominal (will filter out 80-85% of matter at given rating) except for .45 micron absolute which will filter out 100% of the material at .45 micron.


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