Sediment Filter (10") - Spun Poly 5 Micron

Sediment Filter (10") - Spun Poly 5 Micron
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BevBright's filters are disposable, multi-zoned, cartridge style filters perfect for filtering beer with any standard 10" filter cartridge housing. BevBright achieves superior efficiency by being the first to spin different diameters of poly strands on the same core to create zones. The zone closest to the core contains consistent, tight fibers for final filtration while the final outer layer zone is spun with larger fibers for increased dirt holding capacity and increased flow capacity. The best of both worlds. By comparison typical spun poly water filters are spun with only one size of fiber. 90% High Efficiency Filter Rating BevBright's line of High Efficiency beverage filters remove 90% of particles at the stated micron rating. These filters will offer the largest flow through capacity, allowing you to often filter multiple kegs with one filter, but might let a little sediment get through. They are a terffic bargain and still better than any off the shelf hardware store spun poly filters (which normally only filter out 60-80% of the material in one pass). Looking for a slightly higher efficiency filter - see BevBright's Super High Efficiency (98%) or Absolute (99.8%) rated filters. What Micron Rating is Right For Me? It depends. Most yeast will be filtered out with a 5 micron filter, while even more will be filtered out with a 3 micron filter. A 1 micron filter removes most all yeast at the High Efficiency rating. If you have dirty, just fermented beer we recommend you try a 5 micron filter. Looking for crystal clear clarity for a beer that has been stored cold - try the 1 Micron.


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