Speidel Kellermeister Plastic Conical - 30 l (7.9 gal)

Speidel Kellermeister Plastic Conical - 30 l (7.9 gal)
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Speidel has solidified their status in the industry. Not only have they designed some of the most innovative brewing equipment, but more specifically, they are an undisputed leader in fermentation equipment with products that rival even the toughest of competition. This time around, Speidel offers us their take on the conical, with the Kellermeister Plastic Conical. Not only is the Kellermeister fairly priced for the budget minded brewers, (like us!) it is also packed with a couple of never-before-seen features; all built into a sleek, lightweight design that is sure to catch your eye. Key Features: The Kellermeister is a conical tank, ideal for unpressurized fermentation Due to its conical design, the yeast collects in the cone and can be harvested and used again for future brews. Fermented beer can be easily racked off and transferred, leaving behind unwanted trub. The Kellermeister conical does not use a traditional airlock, nor does it have a blow off tube. In place of the airlock, Speidel has designed a lid with what they have termed "dipping edge" technology. This lid has a reservoir of water around its edge that the air is forced to pass through. Now what does this mean? To put it in laymen's terms, the lid has a built in airlock! The Kellermeister is made of food-safe polyethylene. It has a tough, and extremely smooth inner surface, making it very easy to clean. Features 3/4 in. Steel FPT ports for complete drainage, and racking. Included are two 3/8 in. plastic valves for these ports. Top 1/2 in.port comes fitted with a thermometer. 15.35" Length x 14.96 Width x 31.1" Height Designed and manufactured in Germany by Speidel, the makers of our legendary commercial wine tanks. Suggested Applications: 30L: Perfect for 5 gallon batch sizes 65L: Perfect for 10-12 gallon batch sizes.


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