Speidel Pressure Cask - 50 l

Speidel Pressure Cask - 50 l
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Introducing the Pressure Cask by Speidel. A unique pressurizable keg/fermenter that allows you to ferment & store in the exact same vessel as you will eventually serve your beverage from. The Pressure Cask is as versatile as they come, allowing you to prepare and serve a range of beverages. Stainless steel pressure cask for the production and storage of drinks. With this versatile cask, you can make your own drinks, keep them fresh for months and tap them quite comfortably every day and all this without using heat, without adding chemical preservation means: Sweet cider or must with any desired alcohol content Made of apples, pears, berries or grapes. You may determine the alcohol content yourself: the shorter the time the cask remains open after filling, the less time the drink has to ferment, the lower the alcohol content will be. (fermentation causes a maximum pressure of 10 bar). Low-alcohol sweet cider Made of apples, pears, berries etc. Almost alcohol-free due to the addition of carbonic acid: Little post-fermentation, keeps fresh for months (max. 10 bar). Fermented drinks (wine, must, beer, sparkling wine) Draw them fresh, just like in the pub: only 0.5 to 1 bar of carbonic acid will keep the drink fresh for months and provide the necessary pressure for serving. For wine, carbonic acid reduces the need for sulphurization. Soda water or lightly carbonated mineral water Make it yourself from drinking water by adding carbonic acid. For everyone who likes a refreshing drink low in gas, and wants to save a lot of money. No more carting cases of mineral water always best quality water (in Germany often better even than mineral water!). And always freshly drawn (recommended cask size 50 l). Please Note: For modifying with a gas hookup, see our H551 Quick Disconnect. This will thread directly into the 1/4" port on the Pressure Cask serving spear (comes equipped with plug).


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