The Frenzy's Left Coast Pale - Beer Recipe Kit

The Frenzy's Left Coast Pale - Beer Recipe Kit
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Phil created this recipe in an effort to stop his long, slow spiral into fruity, phenolic, sour beers that began to populate his fermenters and kegs back in 1998. Honestly, Phil seriously contemplated throwing gummy bears into his brew and realized it was time to step back, look around, sober up, and grab a classic West Coast pale ale. This is that beer. It has been brewed many times over as a house favorite during the Fermentation Frenzy shop era (Los Altos, CA circa 1997-2007). Try it, you'll like it. And, unfortunately, so will your friends. Target OG -- 1.050-1.055 Est. SRM -- 11-14 Est. IBU's -- 50-55 Est. ABV % -- 5-5.5 Yeast Recommended: WLP001 California Ale


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