The Last Straw Bottle Filler

The Last Straw Bottle Filler
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The first foam-free bottle filler, for perfectly carbonated bottles that you can fill at serving pressure! Precise control over carbonation. Dial-in your psi, force carbonate your beer, and bottle sediment-free homebrew with perfect carbonation. Maintain every last bubble with foam-free bottling at serving pressure for commercial-quality, competition-ready homebrew. Ergonomic, intuitive control and one-handed operation. Foam-free beer, even at serving pressure. Go from keg to bottle at just 15 seconds a pop! Ridiculously easy to clean. The Last Straw™ disassembles in an instant for quick and painless cleaning. Plus, premium materials prevent contamination—everything that touches your beer is stainless or silicone. Convenience and control for better beer, faster. The Last Straw™ is the last bottle filler you’ll ever need.


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