Ultralight Malt Extract Syrup

Ultralight Malt Extract Syrup
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MoreBeer!'s Ultralight is one the lightest Malt Extract available anywhere and has a great malty, grain flavor. The color is so light because it is made from 100% 2-row base malt. Our manufacturer also uses a minimum amount of heat, and a slower evaporation to reduce the carmelization found in most other extracts. We have this extract mashed around 152 degrees which results in beers with great malt flavor yet good fermentability. We use it in a majority of our Recipe Kits. It is unbeatable for light colored Pale Ales and amazing in IPA's where it lets the hops become the focus. If you are making a darker beer you can simply steep darker specialty grains to obtain the flavor and color you are looking for. We package massive amounts of this malt extract weekly. We also use a special metallic, oxygen barrier bag that unlike plastic jugs does not allow any oxidation to occur. Does fresh extract make a difference? Decide for yourself! We recommend customers to store their extract in the refrigerator if they do not plan on using it within 8 weeks.


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