Vanilla Cream Ale - Beer Recipe Kit

Vanilla Cream Ale - Beer Recipe Kit
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The kit that started it all; our custom Vanilla Cream Ale is a refreshing twist on the American Classic. Typical Cream Ales are an ale version of popular American lagers, often with a light body and color. Our Vanilla Cream Ale is medium bodied with a deep gold color that is achieved by steeping our specialty grains. The taste begins with malty sweetness; light and refreshing with a low bitterness profile. As you further enjoy your beer you'll experience a slight vanilla kiss which will linger in your mouth as you swallow. A true pleasure; this light, sweet beer is a true summer classic and is a great choice to win over even the most hesitant beer drinker. Note: This Beer Recipe Kit requires 4 oz. of 100% Pure Vanilla Extract that is not included with this recipe kit.


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