Wort Chiller - Counterflow Chiller Assembly (With In-Line Thermometer)

Wort Chiller - Counterflow Chiller Assembly (With In-Line Thermometer)
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If youre not just looking for a high quality counterflow wort chiller, but also all of the essential components to go along with it, youll love the Counterflow Wort Chiller Assembly With In-Line Thermometer from MoreBeer! This complete kit features everything that you need to efficiently cool your wort, install the in-line chiller and keep tabs on the temperature throughout the entire process. The in-line chiller features a stainless ball valve that can help you to increase or decrease the flow rate while cooling, which is very important because a slower flow gives the wort more contact time with the water and, in turn, a colder temperature. It also comes with in and out stainless steel quick disconnects and an in-line thermometer to show you exactly what temperature the wort is. Youll never wonder if your wort is cool enough again when you use the Counterflow Chiller Assembly with In-Line Thermometer. Inlet: female quick disconnect, outlet: male quick disconnect


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