Brew.IO Promo Giveaway Easter Egg Hunt 2017

There are 25 promo codes scattered throughout TheBrewOutlet website.

Here are 5 to get started:


Note: To redeem visit the Google Play Store and click redeem on the left menu. If you use a promo code please make a comment with which one you used so I can mark it off the list. If you feel inclined to leave an honest (bad or good) review on the google play page that would be awesome!

Hints for the remaining 20 promo codes:

  • (3 codes) Just like beer recipes, software and websites have a recipe (source code) as well. Can you find the 3 promo codes that live within the code?
  • (2 codes) TheBrewOutlet tracks over 6,000 products from 8 different online merchants. The Brew.IO app is one of them.
  • (5 codes) Every ecommerce site needs a good search algorithm. 5 different phrases will produce 5 different promo codes. Hints: Video game developers and the Easter Bunny both have something in common. A common saying in the homebrewing community is what? Starting Gravity and Final Gravity are used to calculate what? IPA's typically have a higher __ __ __ ?
  • (5 codes) Homebrewing is all about being social. Sharing beers with friends and fellow brewers. Luckily for us there are some awesome social tools available for us internet folk.
  • (5 codes) Reddit Post announcing this give away

Happy Easter!


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