Cold Brew Coffee Served on Nitro Recipe

Recipe (Batch Size: 5 Gallons)

  • 5 Gallons Cold filtered water
  • 3 lbs coarse ground coffee (Starbucks Pike Roast)
  • Cold Brew for 16+ hours in Mash tun

Note: For 2 gallon batch use 2 gallons of water with 1.5 lbs coarse ground coffee.

Siphon into Keg and pressurize at 5psi with Nitro and serve cold brew near 43°F. Wait a few hours and pour!

Tasting Notes

Coffee aroma was out of this world. The aroma was dark and roasty. Some of the most aromatic cold brewed coffee I've had. The taste had a hint of dark chocolate as well as a bold roasty flavor. However, the roastyness was not overpowering and overall it tasted very light and smooth (possibly due to Nitro serving). I've had this both traditional cold brewed and now on Nitro. Nitro takes this traditional cold brew recipe a notch higher. You still get the traditionally less acidic extraction from cold brew coffee which allows the roasty flavors to punch through.

Great Coffee for Cold Brew:

Starbucks Pike Roast
Peets Coffee Major Dickasons Blend
Caribou Coffee's "Caribou Blend"

Two Notes:
1. Drink within 1 week otherwise it will go bad. (Resizing to a 1 gallon batch can help).
2. Do not use C02 to serve cold brewed coffee it will make it taste overly bitter as well as having a sharp bite to it almost like it has spoiled.

Cold Brewed Coffee Served on Nitro

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