Keezer Build - Lessons Learned

The SIX things I wish I knew before building my keezer.

1. Color coding your gas & beer lines makes keg hookup a breeze. Use these colored velcro straps.
Keezer Color Coding with Velcro Straps

2. Be sure Height of wood collar is tall enough for mounting CO2 Distributors & Manifolds.
Sizing of C02 Distributor/Regulator to Keezer Collar

3. Check bevel on inside of lid that would prevent lid from sitting flush with wood collar.
Double check lid bevel is flush with Keezer Collar.

4. Get a Drip Tray! Prevents a sticky mess on the floor.
Keezer Drip Tray

5. Use an Eva-Dry to keep moisture out of the keezer.

Eva Dry E 500

6. Spend the extra money on the Perlick Faucets compared to the standard faucets. This will help prevent your tap from getting stuck open from the traditional faucet especially if you only pour a beer every few days from your tap.

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