Six Tap Redwood Keezer Build

Custom Tap Handles for Keezer Build

Keezer Build Items:
* Igloo Chest Freezer 10 cuFt ($240)
* 20 Ft of Redwood @ HomeDepot ($20)
* Wood Stain ($8)
* Polyuerthane ($10)
* Clear Silicone ($5) (Seals the wood to the Freezer)
* Six 5 Gallon Pin Lock Kegs ($35 each)
* C02 Tank ($65)
* Nitrogen Tank ($100)
* Tap lines & Tap Faucets ($150)
* 2 Stout Facets ($50 each)
* 4-Way Secondary Regulator ($199)

Total: $1,057

Build Tools:
* Table Saw (Cutting Lid Bevels)
* Chop Saw (Cutting Collar & Corners)
* 7/8" Wood Drill Bit ($3) (Tap Shank Holes)

Things to consider before you start:
* The number of taps that you want to serve.
* Any nitro taps for beer or cold brewed coffee
* Gas tanks inside or outside (I opted for internal due to space and aesthitics)

Sanity Checks:
* Make sure the wood height is big enough to screw the freezer lid hinges into the wood.
* Make sure the wood's depth doesn't interfere with the freezer lid design/inner bevel. (You'll have to bevel the inner wood otherwise)
* Measure twice cut once!
* Design your keezer and then simplify that design because it will always take longer than you initially plan.
* Read the Keezer Build - Lessons Learned to avoid any mistakes I made!

From start to finish this keezer build took 4 months while working on it sporactically on weekends. It could be completed within a month if all parts are purchased at the same time and all necessary tools are available. I wanted to be able to serve beer on both C02 and Nitro as well as cold brewed coffee on Nitro. I went with a 10 cuFt Freezer to hold 6 kegs as well as both Nitro and C02 tanks inside the freezer. Go big or go home was my motto on this keezer build as I wanted it to handle my expansion in brewing throughout the upcoming years.

Six Tap Redwood Keezer Build

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