Umbrella IPA Tap Handle

Build Items
* Brass Tap Handle Insert $2.50
* Broken Umbrella Handle Free!

Backstory A local brew festival handed out umbrellas for the event as rain decided to grace its presence here in drought stricken California. The umbrella ultimately broke and made itself a perfect candidate to be converted into a nice wooden tap handle.

Completed Umbrella Tap Handle
Umbrella IPA Tap Handle Homebrew

Build Info
* Drill out metal umbrella insert.
* Expand opening to atleast 1/2 inches for brass insert
* Screw brass insert into opening
* If needed glue brass insert to hold in place

Build Steps
Step 1: Drill Out Tap Handle 

Step 2: Inner Metal Removed

Step 3: Insert Brass Tap Handle Insert

Step 4: Mill flat brass insert

Umbrella IPA Tap Handle Homebrew

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