Better Bottle PET Plastic Carboy - (3/5/6 gallon)

Better Bottle PET Plastic Carboy - (3/5/6 gallon)
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Better Bottle is a name known in the home beer and winemaking for their quality products. Plastic PET carboys are much safer than glass carboys; not only because they weigh less, but they will also not explode into shrapnel if dropped! These are made from Virgin PET and manufactured in such a way that the molecules are tightly packed, and less susceptible to oxygen transfer, resulting in better wine and beer! Aside from it's advantages over glass carboys, the Better Bottle is relatively impermeable to oxygen. This means that for your wine's or beer destined for aging, this is a perfect choice for an aging vessel! When using the Better Bottle and it's accessories, the transfer rate of oxygen is lower than that suggested for Micro-oxygenation, and insignificant when compared to the amount of oxygen transferred through other bottles and their stoppers. Specifications Uses a #10 stopper or a 5 Gallon Carboy Hood w/ white caps. Weight: 1.5 lbs Temperature Tolerance: 140 F Height: 19.5 inches Length/Width (Square Bottle): 7.5 inches Completely taste and odor free


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