CO2 Distributor 3 Way w/ 5/16" barb shutoff

CO2 Distributor 3 Way w/ 5/16" barb shutoff
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Add more kegs to your kegerator or keezer with a CO2 Distributor. Or have an extra gas line available for your draft bottle filler.This CO2 manifold comes with three 5/16" barbed shutoff valves and a barbed CO2 inlet for more permanent installations where the lines do not need to be removed. 5/16" barbs work with the larger 5/16" ID gas line tubing.Corrosion-resistant nickel-plated brass manifold has shut-off valves with an integral check valve to prevent backflow of gas or liquid.Be sure to add some Worm Gear or Oetiker clamps to hold things in place.For a less permanent installation, check out our distributors that have 1/4" MFL threaded connections that work with a barbed swivel nut.Looking for a complete system? See ourDraft Brewerkeg systems.


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