Skyscraper's Bulldozer Honeyweizen - Beer Recipe Kit

Skyscraper's Bulldozer Honeyweizen - Beer Recipe Kit
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Phil Sutton, owner and head brewer at Skyscraper Brewing Company, was in our local homebrew club, D.O.Z.E. After taking the American Brewers Guild program, he realized brewing was what he wanted to do, and left NorCal to head down south and open up Skyscraper. Phil says, "I started out, like everyone, as a homebrewer. Living in Salt Lake City in 1999, I got sick of paying $13 for a six pack of Sam Adams, and some homebrewer friends got me started with my first batch, a hybrid Bohemian Pilsner that was fantastic! When I got sick of my job writing software, I attended the American Brewers Guild program, worked for BJ's for a year, and then struck out on my own." Most of you have probably already seen the brewery in a certain cellular phone ad, where two guys are trying to sell beer - the guy on the forklift was Phil himself! His Bulldozer Hefe is Phil's flagship beer, and he was kind enough to let us in on the recipe. Next time you are in Southern California, be sure to put Skyscraper on your list of must-visits! Check Phil out online at Our recipe kits DO NOT include grain bags or yeast. The recommended yeast(s) can be found below. All grains will come milled.


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