The Torpedo Keg Party Bomb

The Torpedo Keg Party Bomb
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You show up to your next keg party or get together and non-chalantly reveal the Party Bomb. It's 11:00AM so you filled the Party Bomb with mimosas, part delicious part nutritious. If your a homebrewer maybe you even madebeermosas. You get a few raised eyebrows as you set up. Now some people are walking by just to get a good look. They know something is going down. They're wary because it is a lot of stainless steel, and it in a different setting you might be a threat. But here in this social setting their interest is piqued. You are all business... you thread in a disposable 74gram co2 cartridge to keep the bubbly bubbly and then, click, the regulator is attached and you have positive pressure. Then click, on goes the stainless faucet assembly. Your locked and loaded. With a flick of your wrist the first mimosa is poured. Now everyone gets it, your here to party and they have never seen anything like this before. Boom...that, my friend, is how a party is started and legends are made. But of course you are not limited to mimosas. You can fill the Party Bomb with beer, wine, sangria, cocktails, margaritas, home made sodas or anything else you can dream up. Works with either CO2 cartridges (for carbonated beverages) or Nitrogen cartridges (for still beverages). Show up to your next poker tournament with a keg of Manhattens on nitrogen, ...hello most interesting man in the World, or to your next swim meet with a keg of white sangria. Get it filled at your local brewpub and keep beer on tap in your fridge. Beverages will stay fresh and ready to pour for weeks. Please share your recipes in the reviews section! Included In the Torpedo Keg Party Bomb: 1.5, 2.5, or 5 Gallon Torpedo Keg Stainless steel beer faucet assembly with stainless steel Torpedo brand quick disconnect to attach to keg Mini-Regulator with Torpedo brand quick disconnect to attach to keg (2) 74gram disposable co2 cartridges California Recipients: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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