Tupelo Honey

Tupelo Honey
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Long considered the gold standard of honey, prized for its rich fruity flavor and non-granulating characteristics, it is often the most expensive honey available. We were blown away when we first tasted this honey and quickly learned that not all Tupelo Honey is equal. In addition to general fruit flavors we got an intense cedar wood and a spicy incense quality. When we started tasting we did not think a honey this expensive was a good fit for our mead kits where we use at 12 lbs or more. However it quickly became our top choice and customer favorite. Our honey is 100% Tupelo honey and not blended or diluted with any other honey. It is sourced from the banks of the Apalachicola River Valley where the purest and most expensive Tupelo honey comes from. You may find this honey a little cheaper from bulk food dealers on the web but we doubt you will find it as flavorful for less. Tupelo honey is known for not crystallizing even in colder temperatures because of its high ratio of fructose to glucose.


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