Pro - BlackFriday & CyberMonday Sale 2018

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Happy Holidays!


Pre-Order 2018 Rhizomes Now

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Pre-order your rhizomes now to ensure you get the lowest prices of the year ($1.50 avg savings) and ensures you get your rhizomes on time to plant for spring. Also rhizome supplies get deplated very fast so get them while they last!

Rhizome Historical Price Trend Graph

Last years' data shows the lowest prices between January 1st and Febrauary 20th. This years initial data is looking to be about the same with the lowest prices currently available.

Pre-Order Rhizomes

Historical Rhizomes Prices

Vegan IPA Beer Stew

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Vegan IPA Beer Stew

1 Bag Baby Carrots
8-10 Golden Yukon Potatoes
1lb Green Beans
1 Can Red Kidney Beans (Drained & Rinsed)
1 Red Onion (Chopped)
2 Veggie Sausages (Sliced)
3 Cloves Garlic (Minced)
1 Can Stewed Tomatoes
2 Cans Tomato Paste (Thickens stew)
2 Pints of a Homebrewed IPA
2 Vegetable Bouillon Cubes or Beef Bouillon Cubes (or 1 cup veggie/beef broth)

Spices to taste:
2 Tbsp Cumin
2 Tbsp Cayenne Pepper
1 Tbsp Paprika
2 Tbsp Pepper
1 Tbsp Salt

Cut potatoes into quarters, trim green beans, chop red onion, slice sausage (if using meat sausage sear on pan first). Add all ingredients including spices except for tomato paste into slow cooker. Cook on low for 8+ hours. Before serving add 2 cans of tomato paste and stir into beer stew until dissolved and stew thickens. Season with salt, pepper, & cumin to taste. Pour yourself a pint and enjoy!

Tasting Notes:
Hints of the IPA come through each bite of the stew giving it a unique taste without overpowering the flavor. If it's to overpowering cook on high for 2 hours to help burn off the alcohol.

Future Iterations:
Next up will be to try this with a stout like Guinness or a clone of Founders Breakfast stout.

Vegan IPA Beer Stew Pro New Years Sale & Giveaway

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Posted by Winslow Pro is on Sale 50% off for $0.99 ($1.99)

Here are five free redemption promo codes for Pro


Brew.IO Promo Giveaway Easter Egg Hunt 2017

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There are 25 promo codes scattered throughout TheBrewOutlet website.

Here are 5 to get started:


Note: To redeem visit the Google Play Store and click redeem on the left menu. If you use a promo code please make a comment with which one you used so I can mark it off the list. If you feel inclined to leave an honest (bad or good) review on the google play page that would be awesome!

Hints for the remaining 20 promo codes:

  • (3 codes) Just like beer recipes, software and websites have a recipe (source code) as well. Can you find the 3 promo codes that live within the code?
  • (2 codes) TheBrewOutlet tracks over 6,000 products from 8 different online merchants. The Brew.IO app is one of them.
  • (5 codes) Every ecommerce site needs a good search algorithm. 5 different phrases will produce 5 different promo codes. Hints: Video game developers and the Easter Bunny both have something in common. A common saying in the homebrewing community is what? Starting Gravity and Final Gravity are used to calculate what? IPA's typically have a higher __ __ __ ?
  • (5 codes) Homebrewing is all about being social. Sharing beers with friends and fellow brewers. Luckily for us there are some awesome social tools available for us internet folk.
  • (5 codes) Reddit Post announcing this give away

Happy Easter!


AIH Spring Cleaning Sale - Up to 50% off

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Adventures in Homebrewing is doing a spring cleaning sale! Up to 50% off items. No promo code required.

Full sale here:

Deal Highlights

An Introduction to Growing Hops

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Growing Hops - Cascade Hops

First things first, grab your Hop Rhizomes. We’ll be growing Cascade hops as they are a great universal hop for many beers.

Cascade Rhizome

Planting your Rhizome
Rhizomes can get out of control once planted. If you ever want to possibly remove/transfer rhizomes you’ll want to plant them in a big 5 gallon or bigger potting container. Get some good fertilizer & potting soil from your local nursery or Home Depot and plant your rhizome horizontally about 1-inch below the surface of the dirt and water until the soil is thoroughly soaked. Keep the dirt wet and water as needed. Best time to plant is March-April time in a location that will get 8-10 hours of full sun.

Planting Cascade Rhizome

First Year’s Growth
Your first year growth will be mostly building out the root system and frequent watering will be required to avoid drying out. After the hop bines are a foot long select the healthiest 2 or 3 bines and train them to wrap around your support system which can be a trellis or hop yarn / heavy duty twine. You’ll need at a minimum 10 feet of trellis or twine for first year growth. Following years will require 20+ feet of trellis or twine for supporting the hop bines.

Cascade Rhizome first sprout on year 1

Harvesting Your Fresh Hops
Harvesting usually will happen in August or September before the first frost. Ripe hops will have a dry paper feeling and should have a strong aroma when you crush the cone with your fingers. You should also see a yellow powder that comes from the lupulin glands. For ease of harvesting bring the hop bines to the ground and harvest the hop cones from the bines.

Drying and Storing Hops
Once harvested use a window screen to spread out the hops for drying in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Utilizing a box fan can help speed up the drying process. Once fully dried store in a vacuum sealed bag or remove as much air from the ziploc bag as possible and store in the freezer until brew time!

Brewing with Homegrown Hops
Homegrown hops are best for aroma and flavoring because the alpha acids are unknown for homegrown hops.

Happy brewing!

Warning: There have been rare cases where pets have had an alergic reaction to eating hops. Please keep your pets away from any hops.

Reddit Insult Ad Campaign Results

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According to this reddit post Redditors are 78% more likely to click on ads that insult them. We decided to put the theory to the test.

Our baseline ad that uses typical "Reddit Language" such as "I made this" performed with a CTR of 0.272% and a CPC of $0.13 with 154 clicks from 56,720 impressions.
Baseline Ad Stats

We then ran 3 insult ads with some creative help from /u/NondeterministSystem and /u/daymaker to create the following ads:
1) "You're not good enough to appreciate our gear!" - /u/NondeterministSystem (0.292% CTR)Not Good Enough Ad Stats
2) "Why break the bank for something that will probably just taste like granddad's toilet hooch anyway?" - /u/daymaker (0.333% CTR)Don't Break the Bank Ad stats
3) "Hey Dumbo! Stop overpaying on homebrew supplies and equipment!" - /u/thebrewoutlet (0.343% CTR)Dumbo Ad Stats

In total the insult ad campaign had a CTR of 0.323% and a CPC of $0.07 with a total of 35,923 impressions with 116 clicks.

The interesting part is when we start looking at Google Analytics of how the ad visitors interacted with our website. Campaign tags of rdwhahbcircle & rdwhahb are the baseline ads while insult is the insult campaign of the three ads previously mentioned. While the insult campaign had a higher CTR the bounce rate was higher and the conversion rate was lower than the baseline ads. My hypothesis for this is due to the culture of reddit those clicking an ad that utilizies "Reddit Language" are interested in seeing what other people built & created compared to an insult/sales ad would turn more people away if it isn't the product they are expecting or looking for.

Google Analytic Stats for ad campaigns

Personally, a 0.05% improvement in CTR pales in comparasion to the 13% higher conversion rate of the baseline ads.

25 Days of Christmas Giveaway

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Celebrating the 25 days of Christmas and's 3rd birthday this upcoming newyear we're giving away 75 promo codes for Pro.

Grab your your promo code here:

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

RDWHAB but drive responsibly this holiday season!